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Quality end of tenancy cleaning after you move out from the property  requires competence, good knowledge and handling the right cleaning materials, and professional tools and equipment.

 Whether you are a tenant and have to get your full deposit back or a landlord that needs to get ready your property for next tenants, Nick's cleaners is your solution.You need professional end of tenancy cleaning  services.  Our accumulated experience, specialised equipment and motivation to achieve exceptional results are a guarantee that your apartment or house will shine with cleanliness after cleaning the home by our professional cleaners.
We recognise the importance of your end of tenancy cleaning of your busy schedule We strive to organise a date that suits you for your end of tenancy clean. A deal with us is simply a guaranteed high-standard end of tenancy cleaning services.

Nicks Cleaners team can help take away the worries of your move out as our team thoroughly cleans the property for you.

  Please note our end of tenancy cleaning does not include external window cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning. If this is something you would like to be done please let us know. 


Entrance Area: Clean Spiderwebsfrom corners and ceiling;Clean skirting;Wipe door and door handles; Wipe light switches; Vacuum carpet and wash hard floor.

Living/Dining/Sitting Room: Clean inside/outside/top of wardrobes;Clean chairs, tables;Clean all pictures and mirrors;Dust/wipe all skirting boards;Dust/wipe all lampshades and fitting;Dust all surfaces;Cob webbing all ceilings and corners;Clean internal windows,window sills and frames;Emptying and cleaning rubbish bins inside/outside;Wipe light switches;Vacuum and mop hardwood floors;Hallway and Stairs;Cob webbing ceiling and corners;Vacuuming hallway and stairs;Dust/wipe all skirting boards;Clean pictures and mirrors
Dust/wipe all lampshades and fittings;Clean windows from inside and sills;Emptying rubbish bins;Wipe light switches,,door and door handles; Vacuum all carpets

Bedrooms: Dust/wipe all skirting boards;Clean pictures and mirrors; Clean inside/out wardrobes and cupboard o Wipe beds and beds tables; Dust/wipe all lampshades and fittings; Cob webbing all ceilings;Clean windows from inside and sills; Emptying rubbish bins and cleaning them inside/outside o Wipe light switches, door and door handles; Vacuum all carpets

Bathrooms and toilets: Clean shower/bath and sink to remove limescale and sanitizing;Remove lime scale,sanitizing from tiles/surfaces;Clean mirrors;Clean and sanitizing toilet inside/

Out;Clean windows from inside and sills;Empty rubbish bins and clean inside/outside;Wipe light switches,door and door handle;Vacuum all carpets and mop hardwood floors.

Kitchen: Clean inside/outside and top of all cupboards and doors; Clean cookers, inside/outside; Clean microwave, inside/outside; Clean fridge and freezer, inside/outside

Clean dishwasher, washing machine, inside/outside; Clean oven inside/outside

Clean toasters, kettles and all other kitchen appliances; Wipe all kitchen surfaces, door and door handles; Clean windows from inside and window sills; Empty and clean rubbish bin inside/outside; Wipe light switches; Vacuum all carpets and mop hardwood floors; Dust and wipe blinds in all rooms if any.