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What is Hazard in cleaning ?

A hazard is described as something with the potential to cause harm. In the workplace, hazards are  present and are different depending on the type of work and the tasks that take place.In the cleaning industry most common hazards are Physical & Chemical.

How to get smells out of carpet

Before attempting any kind of cleaning, you should know different materials and carpet types react in different ways so it’s important to check the following methods are appropriate and won’t damage your flooring.

Use baking powder
Baking powder isn’t cited as a miracle product for nothing. If you follow these simple steps, it’s brilliant at removing smells too.
Baking powder method
 Firstly, add baking powder to the affected area. If you suspect the smell goes below the top layer, then sprinkle extra baking powder on the area and rub the baking powder further into the carpet 
 Secondly, sprinkle an extra layer over the top. A thick layer will give you the best possible chance at removing the smell. Leave the baking powder works for a day or two

How to clean your bathroom?


Cleaning the bathroom can be a total drag. This bed of bacteria, germs, hair and other nasties, is a dirty job that just has to be done. If you have to do it, you may as well do it right, but that doesn't mean you have to spend half of your weekend  to clean down the bathroom.




What to do: Take a plastic bag and pour an enough amount of vinegar to cover the shower head and tie it in place for an overnight soaking. Remove it in the morning and run the water to rinse. For shower doors, make a paste by adding a few drops of distilled white vinegar to a cup of baking soda and make it thick; apply it directly to the door. Leave it  for an hour, then rub with a microfiber cloth. Rinse and polish  with a  microfiber cloth. The tub is not a big issue—a weekly scrubbing is usually enough. But for extra gleam, fill it with hot water, then drain. Apply a bathroom cleaner and leave it for 15 minutes then scrub it.

Clean your  Sink

What to do:The first step to cleaning a bathroom sink is to fill a small plastic container with vinegar, and start soaking the sponge in some vinegar, lightly ringing it out, and then wipe each surface of your sink thoroughly. Vinegar will descale and dissolve water spots and soap residues almost instantly.



Should you do the end of tenancy cleaning yourself?

You have a choice at the end of a tenancy: you can either carry out the end of tenancy clean yourself, or you can pay a professional end of tenancy cleaning service to do it for you.
The property needs to be sparkling for the new residents wheter you are a tenant,estate agent or landlord. It needs to be cleaned top to bottom, but there are some key ‘pain points’ that you should concentrate on. We’ve compiled a list of the most important focus areas to help you carry out a great end of tenancy clean.
You’ll need some specialist cleaning equipment, including proprietary cleaning detergents
.Ceilings- clean the cobwebs

.Fixtures and fittings-wipe and polish light fittings and sockets
.Carpets and upholstery -You  could hire a carpet cleaning machine. 
.Windows-Windows,window seals and frames should be cleaned.

Kitchen end of tenancy cleaning 

The kitchen is one of the most important areas to clean at the end of a tenancy, but it’s also one of the places in which dirt and grime can accumulate most easily.
-Kitchen sink-depend on the material your sink is made from you shoud use the right tools and cleaning liquid.
-Hobs,oven and extractor fan-use non-scratch scourers and degreaser for hobs and estractor fan,oven may requres professional cleaning detergent 
Cleaning kitchen cabinets-you could use multi surface cleaner or degreaser

  • When new build or refurbishment, the rooms are filled with dust, unwanted stains or fingerprints appear on the walls and windows. The glass is smeared with glue and sillicon, the joinery loses its color under several layers of powder and crushed plaster, and the floor is white. These effects can be defined as post construction cleaning , after builders cleaning  or after refurbishmnet. The procedure involves removing all construction waste. Professionals know what preparations to use to remove stubborn stains of oil on glass and dry glue on the window frames,hard surfaces e.g floors.
  •  After builders cleaning  include removing dry paint, gypsum, cement, latex, plasters, stickers,collection of small, medium and large construction waste and transport. The site is thoroughly cleaned  - floors, walls, windows and window frames, terraces, sanitary facilities,lighting fixtures and everything is spotless.


  • Builders re-clean is the second stage of 3 stages of builders clean.This type of cleaning is when cleaners return to the property and repeat the initial builders clean after snagging work is compleated 

How can i clean freezer door rubber coating ?
All we know how dirty and mouldy gets the rubber band on fridge door,What can we use to clean the bacterias from there and bring it back to original collor?Use a tooth brush and tooth paste,put some white paste on the brush and rub it all the way,leave it for few minutes and repeet it then whipe it with sponge or damp cloth.If it is nessesery do it again untill looks clean and fresh.

Cupboard Tops:~ Tops of cupboards get really dirty especially in the kitchen, a simple trick is to line the tops of cupboards with newspaper or wax paper or brown paper etc, this will stop a build up of grease, grime and dust and all you have to do is replace the paper every 3 months.

BUILDERS clean-Bathrooms

1. Remove all debris, packaging etc. from the bathrooms.
2. Thoroughly clean all bathtubs/wash basins/shower enclosures including ceramic and/or
acrylic surrounds and remove all drywall filler, paint, mastic, grout etc. from the tubs and
3. Thoroughly clean all shower areas and remove all paint, drywall filler, mastic, grout etc. from the showers.
4. Thoroughly clean all toilets and basins and remove all paint, drywall filler, mastic, grout etc. from the fixtures.
5. Thoroughly clean all vanity tops where basins have been installed.
6. Thoroughly clean bathroom floors and remove all paint, drywall filler, mastic, grout etc. from the floors.
7. Thoroughly clean the interior of all windows and frames.
8. Remove bottom window tracts, thoroughly clean and replace.
9. Remove all paint, drywall filler, mastic etc from both the frames and the glass.
10. Thoroughly clean all windows internally, windowsills and casings.
11. Toilet Seat wiped down.
12. Toilet Bowl to be disinfected by the application of a suitable disinfectant solution to each toilet in all the flats.
13. Bath Panels to be wiped down.
14. Vacuum and clear debris from the bathroom floor.
15. Mop and dry the bathroom floors.
16. Clean/wipe walls/switch plates/toilet roll holder/mixers/vents/lights
17. Chrome taps and Mixers to be cleaned.
18. Clean Inside Vanity Unit Cupboards
19. Polish all vanity units including mirrors ensuring no finger marks are visible.
20. Chrome Towel heaters to be cleaned and polished.

Kitchens, Living Areas, Dining Room, Reception Room, Playroom, Hallways and stairs.

1. Remove all debris, packaging etc. from all areas of the individual kitchen units.
2. Clean all passage and entry doors, both sides including hardware and including the removal of labels, protective covers, all paint, drywall filler, mastic, grout etc.
3. Thoroughly clean all light fixtures.
4. Thoroughly clean all the kitchen cabinetry inside and out including the top surface.
5. Thoroughly clean the exterior and interior of all kitchen appliances (oven, microwave,
refrigerator, dishwasher, stovetop)
6. Clean all Stonework tops including all corners and glass splash back areas.
7. Clean all plumbing fixtures including the removal of any paint, drywall filler, mastic, grout etc. from the fixtures
8. Thoroughly clean fireplace/hearths/surrounds and chimney breasts to be wiped down.
9. Fan Coil surrounds/grilles to be wiped clean.
10. Chrome taps and mixers to be cleaned and polished.
11. Thoroughly clean all windows internally, frames and sills.
12. All frames, fibrous wall panels, dado rails to be dusted
13. All mirrors to be cleaned ensuring no finger marks are visible.
14. Clean/wipe walls/skirting, switch plates, lights, vents and smoke alarms
15. All areas to be thoroughly dusted
16. Clean wipe all joinery
17. Clean wipe Stairs/spindles/handrails etc
18. Hoover, mop down and dry all stone floors and stairs.
19. Polish stone floor and stairs
20. Passenger and dumb waiter lift to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out, lift controls and
internal finishes to be cleaned no visible finger marks to be left anywhere within the passenger lift.
21. All furniture to be cleaned.
22. All blinds to be dusted down (if applicable)
23. Door Ironmongery to be cleaned and polished.



Bedrooms, Dressing rooms

1. Remove all debris, packaging etc. from all areas of the individual wardrobe units.
2. Clean all passage and entry doors, both sides including hardware and including the removal of labels, protective covers, all paint, drywall filler, mastic, grout etc.
3. Thoroughly clean the interior of all windows, sills and frames.
4. Thoroughly clean all light fixtures.
5. Thoroughly clean all the wardrobes inside and out including the top surface.
6. Thoroughly clean all shelves, cabinets and other joinery items
7. Wardrobe doors and frames wiped externally and internally including drawers.
8. Fan Coil surrounds/grilles wiped clean.
9. Lampshades dusted.
10. Clean/wipe walls/skirting, switch plates, lights, vents and smoke alarms.
11. Doors and ironmongery to be cleaned
12. Carpets to be vacuum cleaned.
13. All furniture to cleaned
14. All Fireplaces to be thoroughly cleaned out and wiped down.
15. Door Ironmongery to be cleaned and polished.